Geauga Sleep Center
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is a sleep study?

A. A sleep study is performed in a private sleep room and involves the analysis of your body's sleep patterns. This includes the placement of special sensors to record the activity of your heart, lungs, brain and muscles. The study also monitors the air flow from your nose and mouth, as well as the level of oxygen in your blood.

Q. Will I be given any shots, injections, or medications during my sleep?

A. No. The only medical devices used are special sensors that are placed on the surface of your skin using a fixative.

Q. Can I get up to use the restroom during the night?

A. Yes. The technologist will show you what needs to be done if you need to get up during the night ,or you may call the technologist to assist you at that time.

Q. With an overnight sleep study, will I need to take the next day off?

A. Not usually. Before bedtime, give the technologist your time schedule so that ample time can be allowed for getting up, removing sensors, and freshening up before you leave.